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A great tragedy.

Started by MarieLouise Harcourt in General Discussion. Last reply by Lady Mary Frances Montagu 23 hours ago. 12 Replies

late 18th century English RP

Started by Stephanie Mesler in General Discussion. Last reply by Stephanie Mesler on Friday. 11 Replies

18th century coffee house

Started by Lori Bell in General Discussion. Last reply by Aldo Stern Aug 13. 3 Replies

Musée du Louvre

Started by Lady Bluebird of Orkney in General Discussion. Last reply by Gräfin von Allerheim Aug 11. 2 Replies

The Yellow Jack: facts and figures.

Started by Doc Panacek in General Discussion. Last reply by Lady Bluebird of Orkney Aug 10. 4 Replies

living history scenario in Rocca Sorrentina

Started by Aldo Stern in Court News, Rules & Etiquette. Last reply by Contessa Elena Marina Foscari Aug 9. 6 Replies

The price of elegance: Arsenic poisoning in the XIX century

Started by Marie-Léopoldine de Gramont in General Discussion. Last reply by Stormy Panacek Aug 6. 14 Replies

Blog Posts

A Virtual Letter From Fanny Burney to Her Sister, Esther

Posted by Stephanie Mesler on August 16, 2014 at 10:00am 4 Comments

1784, 16 August

Rocca Sorrentina, Italy

Dearest Hetty, 

I know I should have written immediately upon my return from Marseilles, where I saw father, who was in surprisingly good spirits for one who might be somewhat humbled by circumstances.  (I always forget until I see him in society that he is not just our Papa but also a charming man of the world.)  

I'd have written immediately upon my arrival here but was distracted by the marvelous gift of a…


The voyage from Sorrentina to Marseille - Fresh figs, Signora McBain's coffee, and time for correspondence

Posted by Lorsagne de Sade on August 15, 2014 at 11:30am 7 Comments

August, 1784

From the time Lorsagne made the decision to book passage for Marseilles, her maid Perrette had less than twelve hours to pack everything her mistress would need for the journey. The two-masted Minerva would cast off from Sorrentina at dawn, and the young woman who had served Lorsagne for the past several years worked through the night to pack de Sade’s belongings and to secure the additional supplies her mistress would need to make the sea-voyage with as little…


The Virtual Diary of Fanny Burney In Italy

Posted by Stephanie Mesler on August 14, 2014 at 3:06pm 3 Comments

1784, 14 August

Returned again to my home away from home, Sorrentina in Italy, after a brief trip to see Father who was on business at Marseilles but has now set his course for England.  I had so hoped to find Father in better circumstances than last I saw him and I did.  Unfortunately, those…


Lady Sere's Journal, Part 1

Posted by Serenek Timeless on August 12, 2014 at 11:30pm 3 Comments

From Lady Sere’s Journal, 9 August 1784

Our business in Brussels was concluded quite successfully, though at times I felt as if I was being given an examination by my old tutors.  Once the late Principe was declared legally dead, the matter of the extensive loans he took out to complete the renovation of the Villa Vesuviana, the gardens, and the magnificent waterfalls and cascades took quite some time to be resolved satisfactorily.  He had…




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