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The Duché de Coeur & Rocca Sorrentina


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Exciting Joint Venture 


Our two Lands


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Through the goodwill of our communities, the magic of Second Life and the addition of two, brand-new, sailable regions, the Duché de Coeur and Rocca Sorrentina are forming a closer connection.  This new configuration will allow for travel between the two realms by sea or air (for those brave enough to venture out in a hot air balloon) while discovering the delights of our respective nations en route.

As you can imagine, there's a lot to do and work has just begun with the addition of Provence Coeur Sud2. We're going to be very busy dredging harbours, forming islands and attending to all the little details that will make this a wonderful, new destination.

As for the communities themselves; ownership, management and administration will remain the same as they've always been and we look forward to the closer ties that our physical proximity and shared vision will bring to us all.

We hope you will stay tuned for all the exciting developments as they unfold.

Aldo, Bedrich, Sere, Skye & Tatiana.

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Not quite sure how you work all this out with pixels, but it's great news, a great initiative which will absolutely make the whole greater than the sum of the parts (and the parts are gorgeous). Congratulations and good luck !!

Sounds like very good news, I look forward to sailing between the sims!

This is such exciting news, I will be sure to follow the developments!

Thanks everyone!  We're all very excited about this :)

The new configuration will be added to the south of Provence Coeur Est2.  The first sailable region Provence Coeur Sud2 is already in place.  The second sailable region will be added to the south of that and then Rocca Sorrentina will be to the south of that.  You will be able to sail in a direct line between Rocca Sorrentina and the Duché. 

We are also changing the shoreline of Provence Coeur Est2 and Provence Coeur Est to provide better access to the existing Duché waterways. 

Further information can be found at Exciting Holiday Sail!

we're very excited about this plan, which we think will be beneficial to both communities.  we are very appreciative of how Skye, Bedrich and Tatiana are open to working with us in a cooperative enterprise like this.  It has been a very positive and enjoyable process.

Very enjoyable, Aldo!

We've gone through numerous rolls of parchment and burn many candles during the planning process now comes the physical labour.  I think I'll have to buy myself a new pair of boots to keep my feet dry while I'm dredging the harbour :)

I am sure these changes will be wonderful for residents and visitors of the two lands.

And I am thinking that if we will be able to sail in a direct line, maybe even I could sail without any risk, instead of looking from my window as others do.

Congratulations for such ambitious project, I feel a proud Coeur resident.

A wonderful information this!!! 

I wish all you a good luck for a this excited and wonderful job!!! :))

I was so excited hearing this new in the Rocca meeting yesterday. Two of my most favorite Sims united in SL! Now I just need a boat to ferry my silks and lace back and forth. ;D

Hehe ... Joan - Bedrich is actually working on a ferry with a system similar to the carriages that will take you through the waterways.

He did mention that he was looking at the ability to load merchandise so your wish may actually come true!

Initial tests on the new barge/ferry service are positive, though there are a number of details to work out.  There will be two ferry services, one scheduled, and the other an "on-demand" version that can be directed by a passenger.  The on-demand service will be intended for delivering raw materials and picking up processed cargo at the mills.  This system will use the locks, so they need to be automated (since very few people have figured out how to use them).

The scheduled ferry service will run between the commercial centers.  The initial rollout should have support for a number of passengers that will "seat" themselves on the ferry by standing or sitting on the railing.  The center of the barge will carry crates, though it is not yet clear whether they can be loaded and unloaded in Rocco Sorrentina.  We know this can work anywhere in the duchy.

The idea behind the cargo will essentially be for RP and advertising for the merchants of both sims.  If you recall the wagon tests we did a couple of years ago, marked physical crates could be loaded in the wagon at the warehouse.  These were then delivered to various points in the village.  This system would be used on the barges to carry crates to any of the docks.  If we find problems with permissions between the two sims, we will have the crates load "virtually".  :)

The barges will also be large enough to carry a carriage.  This has not yet been tested, and it may not be practical to do.  However, in preparation for that, the barges will approach some docks head-on.  A ramp will be used to help with loading.  This may not be in the initial February release, but it would be fun to do!

For clarity, the scheduled barges will not be under user control.  These will be completely autonomous, though will have a bell announcing arrival, pending departure, and actual departure.  The on-demand barges will allow the user to set the destination, but the actual navigation will be handled by the barge.

Bedrich's modes of transport which include lock operation to be sure, are where you can experience the possibilities of Sl. Awesome - read the history of the locks, and yes - wonderful and real and tricky. Coeur residents in the past and present will know the delight when boarding the carriages at the Coeur, and the paths they take between locations, so beautifully sequenced. I can't encourage people more, really to trade, immerse and experience the sims now. I love Coeur life and despite what it seems, I didn't respond here in order to get Bedrich to accept my Ning friend offer finally after 8 months of waiting. Seriously B, look at the detail, JK LOLLL


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